Inside the prisons…Opening their hearts.

Prisons are a place where people are punished for the past, markings of permanent guilt drawn on them and are eyed with suspicion and remorse for that act that “just happened”. I know there can be a lot of debate on this but when I visited the Korovou prisons in Fiji a month back, I found the environment still, but I knew there was a lot of movement within them. They were not imprisoned by the authorites but were their own prisoners of emotional trauma and ignorance of the self. They were searching for help, praying and questioning. When someone calls out, on the other side there is an ear which listens. The Guru heard.

Help arrived in the form of the Prison Smart Courses which I conducted inside, thanks to Ajai Punja who co-ordinated the entire course with the authorities. After two courses, the authorities were very happy that their search to change the life inside the prison had a full stop now, since they could see visible tangible changes in their life styles and behavior. The course is part of the correctional therapies in Fiji under the Yellow ribbon project.

Nuwan, who became an immediate friend helped make this video and after weeks of editing, here it is for your thoughtful viewing. Places where everyone wants an exit from, AOL enters. Inside the prisons…Opening their hearts.

Do forward it to everyone to remind them that the AOL does field work at the ground level, to create a society which is peaceful for everyone to live in.

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  1. Wonderful video and inspirational post… Thanks for sharing. I’ve been following your blog for a while, thanks for all the great posts.


  2. Vey Nice Rajesh Ji, the video is amazing and the message is so clear.

  3. Very nice indeed,

    Good job art of Living 🙂 JGD

  4. awssumm!! 😀 😀

  5. Now Tihar jail is no longer a jail….it has become an ashram…..only a person like
    Guruji can do that……oops sorry he is not a person………he is God……Missing the
    ashram very much……………but not missing Guruji because I always find him wid
    me in fact within me……..in some or the other form or sometimes even in the
    formless form……

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