Primavera Vegetables

It was in Indore that I discovered this recipe. Vikram and Tina were coming over for lunch at Sunil’s house and Sunil had cooked an entire meal but insisted on me preparing something. I just repeated the invention that had occurred some days back in the same kitchen.

As I have been off wheat for some time, I have been trying out new recipes for myself minus gluten. Here is a delicious white sauce recipe without wheat.

3 magic Maggie Magic Cubes (available all across)
1 ½ packets of Amul Cream (300 ml)
Handful of veggies like broccoli, French beans, mushrooms, peppers
1 tsp cornflour dissolved in half cup of cold water.

In half a cup of water add the Maggie cubes and boil to give a nice vegetable broth. In a pan sauté vegetables in olive oil separately to keep them just done and little crunchy. In  the same pan add cream, add the vegetable broth on low flame, and add the cornflour. The white sauce is ready. Add the vegetables, with some fresh basil leaves and let the aroma fill up the senses.
Disclaimer:- The writer doesn’t take any responsibility for injuries caused while licking fingers.

14 thoughts on “Primavera Vegetables

  1. i just cooked chole,Cheeje bhujia parantha,vegetable raita,matar paneer,friut cream and mashed potato….
    we celebrated one AOL friend’s bday
    jai gurudev

  2. Yaa.. was very Yumeee..
    And So neutri.. Full of vetamin B 12 hahaha….

    Wo Upper koi aur Anurag hai,here is anurage..

  3. dear rajesh;

    it was yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, some credit goes to the person who chopped and saute the vegetables 4 u. in fact dragged you to the kitcen
    guys , its not easy these days to relish, the food cooked by him; thoda bhav lagta hai, buttering!!!!
    he.he.he.he.he.he.he.he njoy.

  4. well..going by the command bhaiyya holds on cooking….and the gourmet taste he has….the disclaimer must catch everyone’s eye…!!

  5. Well i cooked for the first time…

    And it was just FANTASTIC 🙂
    My mother’s proud of me LOL

    ps thanks a lot for the recipe, looking forward to more of them 🙂

  6. Jgd! bhaiya,
    Iit was a really great. It was my solo first cooking experience. Please Keep on sending such nice and easy reciepes. we are well inspired now to cook more and make everyone around happy.
    Thanks a ton

  7. Comment on Gingery mushroom

    It was 8th Oct, time had finally come to chance upon after a long time. Again one of the prime attractions became food (though i didn’t intended dt way), one of our guests slated for arrival made it more of a necessity.

    My sister started preparing the dish mixing tomato puree, ginger paste along with the required ingredients. The delicious aroma filled our home and as bhaiyya said rightly, the neighbourhood as well. Then after mixing mushriooms, she added some cream, on my insistence some more and then a bit more.

    What ended was a “Gingery matar Malai mushroom” (THOUGH I DIDN’T INTEND IT ST WAY), but the taste was delicious. Thankfully, my experiment didn’t go awfully wrong.

    Our guest (an American scientist) licked his fingers to no end. ht ws gr8.


    Comment gt very long. Bt i will like to add that Kitchen tour section constitutes to only .001% of the site. Knowledge sheet of the master(Guruji) coupled with bhaiyya’s insights makes one to repent dt wt one was doing by not coming to this site before.

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