Toothsome Tomatoes

I have had so many varieties of tomatoes filled with different stuffings, but this was a blockbuster hit. Everyone kept asking for more. For all the ones who arrived late for the dinner, look what you missed πŸ™‚


8 big tomatoes, cut in halves, with the insides scooped out, wiped to remove excess water, ready to be filled.

Any cheese spread, I used Amul Cheese spread

10 monaco biscuits, pounded in a mixer into a fine powder

Fresh basil

Chiffonade basil and mix it with the cheese spread. A teaspoon of cheesespread for every half of a tomato is used. Don’t skimp!! Fill in this mixture into each tomato and then just immerse the tomato into the biscuit powder to dress it up over the cheesy dip.

Bake the tomatoes in 250 C for 20 minutes until the biscuits have turned brown. The tomatoes do not become very mushy or floppy.

Indulge. Simply Indulge.

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  1. hmmm seems to to really mouth watering…….. πŸ™‚

  2. jgd bhaiya,
    now this is a easy one ,even i can think of making it ,
    as no additional prepration but as usuall (as on ur blog) looking yummy…….

  3. Wonder from where you get some awesome recipes? I strongly suggest you to write a book of recipes. You will give stong competition to Tarla Dalal too.

    CVJ & BCJ have gone through your blog and CVJ himself has added some comments too.

    Luv u

  4. oh! bhaiya my taste buds are jst nt ready to forget its taste….
    its waz real yummm…..!!

  5. bhaiya, from where do u get such innovative recipes!!! its amazing.. had never heard of biscuits with tomato and that to powdered… πŸ™‚ its just that i cant make it… dont have microwave here… so please post more of non-microwaveable recipes πŸ™‚

  6. The tomatoes look very tempting, the biscuit coating is a wonderful idea .What if we add a little bit of finely diced vegetables like capscicum, bellpeppers, carrots, spring onions and corn to the cheese spread and season it with salt, pepper and oregano.I am going to try it soon.Thanks bhaiya for being there on the table with us even when you are not.

  7. The only thing that is lacking in your blog is : Frequent Posts!!

  8. ya achhi baat nai hai…adhi raat ko wo jab abhi abhi thoos thoos ke khaya hai…fir bhi muh me pani aa gaya….ye bilkul achi baat nai hai;)

  9. Hey bhaiya this stuffed tomato stuff us with lots of thought of eating it…I miss them!!

    I liked the new link u added on your orkut on jealousy and greed and how to melt it…Wew all must read it…absolutely worth reading !Post more:-)

    Lovez and prayers

  10. ..hmm..looks delicious πŸ™‚ will give it a shot

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