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This is a post which i had emailed way back in March 2006. Milind forwarded it back to me, requesting it to be entered into the blog.

I can see the change in the way I write then and now ūüôā I resisted deep urges to edit, just for you to read and understand that how with the presence of a sadguru, talents blossom in our life. You can also compare with some recent posts and let me know the difference in the writing. Guruji’s knowledge is apt, laser focussed, it is timeless.


Imagine cleaning up for Diwali, cooking up all those sumptuous dishes & whose for dinner!! Guruji Himself.
This is what I experienced when He visited BHU & DAV-Chandigarh. Both the places I had taught YES+ courses & here HE was, a dream come true for every volunteer & teacher.

In Varanasi He visited the Sankat Mochan just two days after the bomb blasts in the temple & was taking¬†notice of every detail. For a few days before His¬†visit I was wondering why is HE coming here as 20 people¬†had died & few were injured. As He explained it in the¬†press conference “Whereever faith is shaken, I will¬†come there”. After the press conference of more than¬†100 reporters(in a very short time the¬†Varanasi¬†chapter had shown exemplary seva) the transformation¬†in the reporters was worth noticing. One of the press¬†guys told Guruji ” Can you bless me on my forehead” &¬†He obliged, and then came more & more. Then to the¬†hospitals where He touched every single patient & told¬†them “theek ho jaooge”. When He was leaving the¬†hospital, it seemed like the patients(some of whom had¬†lost their eyes, or a limb) were fit to give a smiling¬†farewell. He played with children in the hospital,¬†gave hundreds of bedsheets, & fruits & blessings. Tears flowed, hearts thumped, faith restored & love¬†blossomed whereever He went.?

The Changigarh trip was as busy. He was invited for¬†the convocation ceremony & while I watched Him give¬†away certificates, I wondered how lucky these students¬†are! He gave away some 300 certificates. And then He¬†narrated that he asked every student what He wanted to¬†be, and some 250 told him they want to be lawyers,¬†some few want to do service & 1 said he wants¬†enlightenment. He was saying so many¬†lawyers……Chandigarh will have only lawyers then¬†ūüôā More satsangs & then to a very small village some¬†30 kms away. Villagers were complaining that no one¬†listens to them & He said thats why I am here.

Some 2000 of them were there & He listened to all¬†their complains from infertile land to government¬†problems. He gave solutions & told them to plant¬†“Laxmitaru” tree. This tree seeds are used as an¬†alternative to diesel, & after 2 years one gets Rs.¬†2000-3000 for a tree. He told a woman “I had come in¬†your dreams, 3 days back” She was flabbergasted “Yes,¬†Yes Guruji, Aap ko kaise pata” & HE smiled. Even the¬†involuntary functions are not hidden from Him so……

After a bunch of scintillating bhajans, the Satsang went to the knowledge part with some thought-silencing question and answers.

When asked how to stop the unnecessary chattering of
the mind for stupid trivial things, Guruji simply said¬†“think of me”.

How does Hollow and Empty help us?
Guruji asked “are you hollow and empty?”
Yes¬†“Then be that way! Why do you want to fill it with¬†answers”

Can everybody become enlightened?
Don’t talk of everybody.talk of yourself.Can¬†everybody become doctor,president – Yes and no!

What if I intentionally do a mistake?
Intentionally ask for forgiveness also. And if you have to ask for something, ask for Buddhi(intellect), everything else follows.

Will we be able to be so spiritual even in old age?
Once you get a taste of spirituality, then it doesn’t¬†let go of you.

Whatever I think, the opposite of what I want happens, what to do?
Think opposite then!

Asked as to why in your presence no questions arise?

He said “there you go, one question has arisen:-)

As He was admiring the flowers and the decoration¬†around His seat, He laughingly said, “why do you need¬†to decorate it so much, am I not good enough?!”

That night De-vine just flowed. It was simply¬†intoxicating to look at¬†Him.That moment, just watching Him, I felt such¬†oneness, it was¬†like’my-soul-has-popped-out-and-is-sitting-there;¬†soooo-wondrous,so-beautiful!


It feels nice to dig the past and record those wonderful moments spent with the master, they are a scenery painted in my memory with soft, sensitive, simple colours and even today when I recall them, life comes to a standstill, the mind is serene.

Thank you Guruji, for going back in time could never have been so wonderful without You.

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  1. Jai Gurudeva Bhaiya
    Thanks for such a superb, awesome, wonderful, marvelous, beautiful, lovely……..(I don’t remember more words right now) post. I bet question-answer sessions which happen in our Art Of Living family are the heights of intellect that can be there, whether they are the question-answer sessions of Guruji or Bawa N Dinesh dada or you.

  2. ūüôā

  3. Very nice post!! I wish I would also receive merit certificate from Guruji some day ūüôā Jai Gurudev!

  4. “Feeling blessed to be born when Gurudev is around.. Truly, madly n deeply in Love:)”

    This was how I was feeling today and had just put that on my blog. Then read yr article…:) feelings reinforced…

  5. Your vocabulary has improved tremendously, needless to say that. But with time, u have become excellent, all by HIS Grace.

    Just like Money makes the world go round, Guruji can make things happen in one’s life. Sometimes, I wonder is this the same person, I have known for so many years ? U r a very good wrter, no doubt.


  6. This post is a big vow…..and plz bhaiya …update ur schedule..

  7. its too gracious bhaiya,………….
    reading this post is like living in that moment wid the master……..
    thanks 4 such a superb post…….

  8. a great update on varanasi i was not aware off

  9. thanks bhaiya for sharing wid us ur valuable grace…………….

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