The fastest course where you can see internals change and the examiner at work all the time. The tests are with only one reason – Change. Change for the best. The DSN course certified this totally.

Thank you Guruji for this opportunity and many more 🙂

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  1. Jai Gurudev Bhaiyya…!!!

    Our DSN was the best.. i came to know from all other volunteers… and picture itself indicates how happy they were after doing this course.. i missed it 🙁 …

  2. Finally you gave trupti to Trupti. ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!


  3. n here it comes Ist Official release of Aura Fotograph 😉 😛

  4. Jgd Bhaiya
    Indeed a nice pic!

  5. Super cool!! 🙂

  6. JGD Rajesh

    Congrats 🙂 and here for reader my experiences of first DSN i did was we learn about 7 layers of existence in part 1 course or in YES+ but in DSN i could first time experience them see them separately 🙂

    if you have not done DSN so far must do it. I have been with Rajesh for some time and I am sure he must be best at it 🙂


  7. Right now I’m very happy that someone done this course and it has possible through my daily Sadhna and prayer but I’m still waiting that when GURUJI WILL TAKE HIM IN HIS SHARAN AND WILL BLESS HIM TO KEEP HIS MIND CONTRUCTIVE…
    Whatever Guruji said to me to do for him, I don’t know how to do in such critical condition??
    bhaiya pls keeping us in your daily prayer. I’ll be grateful to you..
    Jai Gurudev!

  8. HIIIIIIiii BHaiyaa,

    Oh god!!!nearly after 1andhalf years iam coming to know of this website.just saw OUr 1st DSN pic. Great!!!!!!!!!
    the experience was and is still awesome. you have immense charm of guruji bhaiya.thanks to guruji for making you a teacher and thanks to you for being a teacher.
    Though i wish to do DSN again..but am scared due to some process 😉

    thanks a ton


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