My first flying experience

One of the very amusing moments that life has offered, has been at the airstrip of IIT-Kanpur. Shubham and I, made our flights of imagination real and stopped by at the flying club. Flying has always thunderstruck me, the science and the technology behind it, bringing back the promise of tremendous potentialities. Seeing the world from up there is not just interesting to my view but also mystical. Seeing the big become small and smaller and smallest, is like meditating for solubilization of strenuous situations.

We stood by for our turn to arrive and when it did happen, the pilot agreed to do one round only, and it had to be me 🙂 I loaded myself in the cockpit of this ancient era plane and it took the pilot three concentrated attempts to get us into air. While we were rising up there, the anticipations of swaying insecurity dawned. I had to whiff them away and wriggled my mind from them to enjoy the luscious green IIT-Campus and the farms of Kanpur below me. The softness in the scenery, the sun setting far away from us, the smooth steadfastness in motion set my mood back to lively curiosity and cheerfulness.

The pilot announced the call for climbing down and I confess that I tightened my grip on the sides, but he yelled back to free them, since I was holding the key to opening the window 🙂 The nose was slanting downwards and we were gliding down in no time and the thrill had multifarious dimensions. i conjectured that the emotion was a sense of stimulation rising up my spinal chord.

Soon the runway loomed closer and closer and some bumpy air wobbled the plane and the pilot desperately wanting to take control lost direction and soon I knew we were not going to land on the runway. The runway was away from us and raw land was getting nearer. The first bump, one more and more until we came to a secure stop. The adventure which was missing in the entire flight now impregnates the entire episode.

Take the wings otherwise you are missing a great store of unsuspected pleasures of precariousness.

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  1. huuuhh…u write so nicely……dat i cud imagine d exp.

    karan baba….

  2. wud love to hav….those flying exp.

  3. kya bhaiya !!
    ekdum mast tareeke se elaborate kiye hain !!
    my body went stiff, with the imagination of how it would have all happened.

    Jai Gurudev

  4. wowie!

  5. WWWWOOOOW bhaiya!!!!
    i just imagined it.

  6. khudi ko buland karke uda wo jaise taise

    khudi ko buland karke uda wo jaise taise

    Khuda bande se ye poochha abe ab utarega kaise….. LOLzzzz

  7. JGD Bhaiya,

    WE all gonna miss you!!

    Bon Voyage~

  8. Great bhaiya! Must have been a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig adventure right?

  9. I think the real version of the story goes like this….
    Rajesh bhaiya, too scared of flying after hearing my made up stories finally summoned the courage to go gliding. We were standing next to the airstrip when the glider landed a little off the runway and was coming towards us. After seeing all this, no gliding that day.

    On his next visit to the campus when after doing Kriya many times we had forgotten the trauma from our last rendezvous with the glider, we went again!!
    The rest is pretty much as mentioned… except for a distinct call mid flight from the pilot “OH SHIT!!”

  10. my gr8 Rajesh B MY Guru ji- ur prashant bychance

  11. Bhaiya ur description is so good that I could picturize almost all of it

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