Chance pe Dance :(

The religion of the movie is nonsense and the commandments are fooling the viewer, concluding him to be ignorant and unintelligent. The guys (Read girls) at IIT-Kanpur took me for this obnoxiously distressing insincere film and I don’t remember how I agreed and why ? Ten of us jumped into the unknown not knowing what waited for us at Rave-3 and I now remember the smirky look on the face of the ticket seller.

The movie starts with Shahid Kapoor a struggling actor wanting to make it big in the Bollywood bonanza without thriving on subterfuge and fibs. The senseless story, the amateurish camera work, the abhorrent acting of the leads makes the movie extremely distasteful.

Even if you get it for free, stay at home and enjoy a meal with karela and lauki, be grateful for this chance.

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  1. Jgd dada
    Thanks for warning. I plan to see 3 idiots, paa and de danadan as soon as I can. Any plans to come to Indore just for a 1 day visit after the 3rd Feb DSN?

  2. hahahaha………….thanks bhaiyaa for such a review ….vaise mai jenelia ko dekhne jane wala tha……..

  3. @meghna, dont watch De Dana Dan… its reallly pathetic…..

  4. :):):) I have been seeing some absolutely stunning inspiring movies.

    Some which i specifically saw after your recommendations….

    Some of the few i would definitely recommend are

    a) great debators b) Prestige c) Mongol ( More of a documentary very very slow somehow i liked the movie its about rise of genghiz khan).

    Any other awesome movies please do suggest

  5. hahahahahahahhaa….fultoo rocling comments bhaiya…i laughed n laughed after reading that ‘kerela n lauki’…hahaha

    awesome comments bhaiya…
    Love u 🙂
    Come Soon

  6. Atleast something, no matter bad, inspired you to write. Everyday I use to log into Happynings n log out with a frown on my face. I have never waited so long for Teejri Ka Chand also.

    Thank you for saving my 1000 bucks because we were planning to go for this movie on 5th February due to the demand of the birthday gal.

    Jai Gurudev

  7. its jan 26. 26-19=7. has the movie annoyed you so much that you chose not to blog at all 🙂 😉

    A request can the font of the posts be made bigger, think its at 10 right now

    arial with 12 would be ideal

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