Moce Fiji!

I conclude Fiji today and fly back to India tomorrow. It was a overwhelmingly wonderful trip and I soon realized why I had to be here missing the Ashtavakra back Home. With 14 courses and hundreds of people having received this knowledge, Fiji looks re-born again with divinity. The Yes+ took birth here and is soon blossoming into a solid youngster with the recently concluded course for the Miss/Mr Fiji of the Hibiscus Festival.

The Hibiscus Festival is the mother of all festivals in Fiji with around a hundred thousand people attending the finale which happens in August. But before that the Hibiscus Committee decided to upgrade their participants with internal beauty and unfold it from within. It was a naughty bunch of the most beautiful people in Fiji, but I had a very nice time with them. I bid Moce (good-bye) to this beautiful island nation and it’s lovely beaming people.

I shot this video while teaching the course and then edited it and here it is for your viewing experience. Happy Viewing. Let me know your feedback and comments.

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  1. Videos are banned in the office but still I can feel the HEAT:):):)

  2. Hibiscus Festival bole to holi ya diwali of India???

  3. he he some of the lady contestant…………ha ha not queen. ok you conducting the DSN ya making movie……oho thats night job

  4. Jgd Bhaiya its awsome gr8, i wished i could be there with you, certainly would like to travel with you next time, Hibiscus Festival like Mr and Miss India.

  5. Rajesh ji!! we are already missin you so much!!! hoping to see you soon!! Dont worry i’ll come visit the ashram (hopefully) soon!! The video is just amazing as always

  6. Great its very nice…good talent shown

  7. Awesome video bhaiya..!!! A gr8 compilation..!! n d exprnc of the participants was amazing..!! really cud feel their energy thru this video..!!

  8. “-)very very nicely shot n edited,music was great,overalll a superb show!!!:-)

  9. bhaiiya!!!!
    welcome abode!
    banaras is desperately waiting 4 u and so are we all !
    lots of good news this side! he he 🙂
    very interesting video! superb!
    im waiting to here from u all!

  10. Awesome Video…… [:)]

  11. u have done an awsome job bhaiya!!! amazing video!!! “in presence of the Guru….. all talents manifest!” 🙂

  12. grrr8 video bro!!! 🙂 hey initially at the time of experience sharing there was so much of noise!!! i kno one cannot help it they would have been so recharged ..
    U dont kno how much i miss u… do u ??? 😉 and den i realize how ppl’s importance increases with distance.
    lv ya! keep distance! 😉 nooo c ya soon! (:D)

  13. I mean hope to c u soon!!!

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