Cruising through Fiji

As I wind up Fiji, I took a cruise to the Yasawa Islands, breathtakingly beautiful and passionately peaceful. Pristine beaches, corals, snorkeling, kayaking and lots of food made a trip totally unforgettable. It was my first ship tour and the ocean has so much to offer unconditionally.

I shot this entire video with my Canon 500d and edited it yesterday night. It is the first video also shot by me, edited and created. Music was such a difficult thing to choose, so I browsed a lot and found what i was looking for. It starts with the fun and frolic, but I wanted to end it with a thought and spine chilling music by Clint Mansell, totally worth a watch. Do allow it to stream fully and then sit back, tighten up and happy viewing.

6 thoughts on “Cruising through Fiji

  1. the camera is zoomed in n some thing some weird thing is moving slowly slowly n …
    the u take a side shoot …
    n u realise this is a long creature n it’s keep moving woooo…
    wt is tht ..??
    n u then focus on the boat to which the creature is attached …wooo
    this is a ropeeee…:P:P
    how cool is tht …???
    really liked it ….:):):P

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