Bhojpur – Raja Bhoj & Kalidasa

Guruji has told me to teach in Madhya Pradesh and MP is very green and ancient, huge with lots to explore. The first exploration was the Bhojpur Shiva temple on a bike. The drive on the bike was by far the most beautiful drive on a bike I can endorse.
A 10th century Shiv linga was unearthed by the Archeological department in Bhojpur. It is 22 feet in height and very interestingly the drawings of the temple were also discovered nearby. A small temple was built around it following the drawings on the rock. The temple is on the banks of the river batwa. The beliefs are that the temple was visited by the pandavas and that batwa is the river where Kunti had left Karan in a basket.
Believed to be constructed by Raja Bhoj, who used to do everything in-style. Very flamboyount and super rich, the king yet had lots of wisdom & virtues to top it all. He was a great patron of art, architechture and learning. He authoured some eleven books and many verses.

A story which is very famous in Bhopal about the king  is
Many Many years back Raja Bhoj was  filled with egotism and sat down to  compose a verse describing his wealth and fortunes.
The first three lines of the verse were:
Charming and beautiful young women, dear and congenial friends,
loving and pleasant family and relatives,
gentle and dedicated employees,
and myriads of beautiful and thunderous elephants and horses;
Feeling the incompleteness in his verse, he asked the great poet Kalidasa to complete it for him and the great poet exhibited his expertness yet again..
When an individual passes away (his/her eyes are closed), nothing remains; riches, power and all means of comfort become immaterial.
Raja Bhoj realized his vanity. He expressed his deep gratitude towards Kalidasa and meditated on this verse.
Reminds me of how Guruji adds knowledge into even smallest of actions for us to learn from.  The Guru simply augments to life with knowledge and with his innocence teaches us to live life.  The master is both within and without, so He creates conditions to drive you inwards and at the same time prepares the interior to drag you to the Centre.

So if you visit Bhopal, do not miss this One on a bike.

PS :- MP goes for elections from today for the next three days and lets pray that the wisdom of the poet and the righteousness of the king is prevailed. If you haven’t voted, ACT NOW!!