Age-tate or Rest

The scraps of conversation doing the rounds in Mumbai are, Stay angry, Be upset, Snub the politicians, Remain Disturbed.
Being distressed brings unrest in the mind and the priority will shift from empowering the movement to resolving ones mind.  The beginning of ‘me’ & ‘mine’ than ‘we’ and ‘all’.
Being distressed brings insecurity in the mind and the search for security in money, power and the five senses begins. The beginning of corruption, pollution & all vices.
Being distressed actually weakens your enthusiasm for a mass movement since every moment becomes loaded with fear, paranoia and ages the body. The beginning of procrastination and lack of love.
Being distressed doesn’t give power, but makes one powerless in handling a macabre situation like this.
What Mumbai now needs is this knowledge packet from Guruji :-

Activity and rest are two vital aspects of life. To find a balance in them is a skill in itself. When to have what and how much to have is wisdom. Finding them in each other-activity in rest and rest in activity-is the ultimate freedom.
More tiring than the work itself is the memory of hard work. Thinking you have worked hard itself interferes with the quality of rest. Some people take pride in working hard without any results. And there are others who crave for long rest not knowing the rest is in non-doer ship. It is the quality of rest, even if it is short, that recuperates.
When rest is needed, your body will automatically take it. Resting, without thinking about the need for it, is more restful. Desirelessness, Dispassion, and Samadhi are the deepest rest.

Thinking you need rest makes you restless.
Thinking you have to work hard makes you tired.
Thinking you have worked hard brings self pity.

The people involved in upbringing a new New Mumbai , in rearing new ideas for my beloved city, raising the spinal chord of this Gateway to India have to be rested internally and be responsible externally. Responsibility is the dynamic expression of relaxation deep within.
I urge all my visitors to uphold the pride of my city, by being relaxed and responsible at the same time.
Don’t Rage but Agitate.
PS:- Guruji visits Mumbai on Saturday, will keep all of you posted.

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  1. felt very moved n stable after reading this bhaiya,…

    Thanx nn


  2. bhaiya …this is a beautiful site uve begun …its really really wonderfull…..super fantabulous…..

  3. u write so well, man too good
    thanks fr the blog,
    mayb u shuld parallely start a writers fan club 🙂

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