Non-Veg Joke

A preacher visiting his flock in the country happens to see a pig walking around on 3 legs. The preacher stopped by and asked the farmer.

My son, what’s with your pig with only 3 legs? Well, preacher says the farmer, this pig is very special to my family and me, well just 2 months ago, I’m working underneath my tractor, the jack fell and the tractor was crushing me.

I yelled and my pig rushed to my rescue, dug me out and pulled me away from the tractor.Well that’s very commendable says the preacher..but..That’s not all preacher, last week my house caught fire and my pig pulled my 2 young daughters to safety. It even received a hero gold ribbon, from the village mayor.I understand says the preacher, but that still doesn’t explain the missing leg!

Well, like I said preacher, this pig is very special to my family and well, we just cannot bring ourselves to eat it all at once πŸ™‚

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  1. hahahahaha ha h uauauha ua hauahauahuahauahauahuahauahau haua hauah auha uahauahauahua ………………

    where is the joke πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :O

  2. Once, Mullah Nasruddin bought a violin. And he began to play. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…. Same note, same string, over and over. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…. After a few hours his wife was at her wits’ end. “Nasruddin!” she screamed. NEEE.. Nasruddin put down the bow. “Yes dear?” “Why do you play the same note? It’s driving me crazy! All the real violin players move their fingers up and down, play on different strings! Why don’t you play like they do?” “Well dear, I know why they go up and down and try all different strings.” “Why is that?” “They’re looking for *this* note.” And he picked up his bow and resumed his playing. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….

  3. aaaahahhh oooohhhhhoooo aaahaa oohhhh MY GOD!!!!! haahahaahah DATS IT YAAR..STOP IT STOP IT PLS….I CANT LAUGH ANYMORE……..AAAAAAAAhahahhahOHHHH GOD… hmmhmmmahahahaohhohohoho
    OH…GOD…ah…a..ha.a.a……a…….hhh……AAAAAAAAAAHahahahahahahhaaaaaahAHAut….BUT aah but.TELL ME ONE THING.hahhhhhh.a..ha.h..”WHERE IS THE FUNNY PART OF THE JOKE”…AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!oh my god..hahahahaaa

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww chi!

  5. LOL prasooon’s joke is wickedly funny. ahahahahhahahaha LOL

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahahah EXCELLENT madhur!!!!!

  7. This is Non veg.. Now where is the joke..

    Hai Prasoon ye peela cartoon tu kahan se laya.. mujhe bhi chahie..

  8. @ Anurag hahah good good..seriously wheres the joke

    just make a smiley and it will come πŸ™‚ maane : – ) without the space

  9. husband wife ki godh mai laita hai…..
    wife :” kaisa lag raha hia ji?”
    husband:” aisa lag raha jaise bhagwan Vishnu sheshnaag ki godh ai lete hai”
    …..ha hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…hoho hoh ho …hi hi hi hi…

  10. @ sunil khud joke maara or khud hi hans k khush ho rahe ho.
    or logon ko hansne ka muaka dijiye….. πŸ˜‰

  11. thats it…… after a long ‘panel discussion’ and hours of debate, the kanpur team has officially awarded this one as the worst story they have ever heard..
    and it is my sincere request to everyone reading this…. for His sake, stop calling it a JOKE.

  12. jai gurudev..
    last evening some of my HBTI friends n me went for a dinner to shiv sagar (a nice restaurant in Aundh,pune).After having a dinner we decided to have “mastani”(nice combo of ice cream,shake n blah blah).
    after that…
    one of my friend gave keys of his bike to me and ask to ride and he pillioned on someone else. i took the bike and ride at 70-80 kmph and reached the destination of 15 kms.when we reached our destination friend sitting on my bike said “prsaoon i think u have taken a wrong bike”

    Oh my god yes its not that bike…

    [Please dont ask me how i did that,might be some past life experience πŸ™‚ ]
    then we decide to go back to return the bike.
    when we reached Shiv Sagar, about 20 people were waiting for us.
    Mujhe to laga “AAJ TO PITENGE”.
    i told them the whole story all people started laughing expect the bike owner but his babe was very happy to see the bike again. Really nice one..

    after that i placed the bike at my freind’s place and returned to my hostel which was again 8 kms from my friends place…
    happy reading
    love you
    jai gurudev

  13. main ankur ki baat se puri tarah sehamat……..huin…..
    appke bus ka nahi jaggu dada:)

  14. hahaha…
    nice one..

  15. hhahahha good one ! really really a non veg one !:)

  16. sry bt samajh me nahi aaya

    sonakshi gupta

  17. It is a joke that shows NON VEG CONSUMPTION Show the farmer and his family “Meet your meat”……

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