Vote and Vote for Change

My opinions on this are pretty straightforward with the following points

1) What is Sonia Gandhi’s past and who is she? Watch what the ex cabinet minister Dr.Subramanium swamy has to say for it?

Who is Sonia Gandhi?

2) What are the credentials of Rahul Gandhi, the leader the congress is promoting?

Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vici

3) Become a terrorist and get paid by the Congress Government

Family Pension as a Terrorist

4) Rs 87153.12 crores has just evaporated from the government records. You can read about it in www.cag.gov.in and Click on Latest audit reports on the next screen, click on Compliance/Regularity Audit on the next screen, click on Report no. 13 – Accounts of the Union Government and get into chapter 2.

4) Are you safe with 3850 people having been killed in 3000 terror attacks in 67 cities/towns in the country in the past 5 years. The only person having been caught is Kasab. Whose next?

5) Conversions in India are rampant and are frequently done by profs in IITkanpur also. If there is any conversion we should look forward to, it is from religion to spirituality. It is time we all stand up and voice against these conversions in the most strong way.

Religious Conversion -STOP

Been to campuses where there are round table conferences of people ready to argue whom to vote for, and these same students have planned a long weekend or did not get their Form 6 signed up to exercise their franchisee. Shun these people. If people around you are not going to vote, look down on them. More than these conferences, we need change, change in the very system which has been ruled by the congress for 50 long years.

This year vote and vote for the BJP.

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  1. did you read the manifesto of BJP vs the Congress…I feel BJP is only playing the Hindutva Card.Congress for all my money and only congress without the left would be the best bet with..i am not saying they dont have corrupt leaders..but better of the lot and a little more credible(so is Mr Attal Bihari Vajpayee in BJP ,but thats all)

  2. Jai Gurudeva!
    We all have seen that in all those states where Congress rules, there is a lot of GUNDAGARDI. And with all due respect for the charkha and khadi culture of Congress, one thing is for sure that all these GUNDAS are MLAs or MPs of Congress. The time has come to create awareness among people so that they can know the actual face of the ruling government.

  3. karan you have written you feel that BJP is playing the Hindutva card, but buddy in reality it is not! there are loads of other issues that are in their manifesto like :
    1. BJP’s robust commitment to securing the nation against its enemies is well known. Our first priority will be to take stern steps against terrorists, cross-border or home-grown. An improved POTA-type law will be introduced. The intelligence mechanism shall be overhauled. India’s 4000-km long coastline will be fully protected by enhanced naval security.
    2. We will systematically detect, detain and deport illegal immigrants who have emerged as a major source of homegrown terror. Fencing of the India-Bangladesh border, deliberately neglected by the UPA in pursuit of vote bank politics, will be speedily completed.
    3. Use coercive diplomacy to isolate and compel countries engaging in exporting terror across the border to stop their misadventure. Ensure that the foreign tap of separatist groups in India is completely turned off.
    4. Wage a relentless war against Maoist groups throughout the country using the highly successful and popular Chhattisgarh model.
    5. Introduce a comprehensive National Identity Card for all citizens of India.

    Please for God’s sake, stop seeing it as a Hindutva Party 🙂

    Go beyond your feelings, and then take the decision to vote…

    Don’t go by what media says 🙂

    Jai Gurudeva

  4. Hi Siddharth, I agree with you to some extent. But as I said in my comment …. Congress is RIGHT but only WITHOUT the LEFT

  5. One more thing, BJP without its alliances is any day better than Congress with or without Left 🙂 Trust me, i have done enough of research 🙂

  6. i’ll add on one more thing, in this election its impossible for any single largest party to emerge as the clear cut winner of the elections! So BJP and Congress without its alliances is just not possible..

  7. shocking facts!! especially that rahul gandhi….nxt govt should take action…nd i think this is the case EC also should have a look

  8. Siddharth …. unfortunately have to agree with you …. 🙁 A billion people cant decide on 1 clear cut majority ……… and this is aweomse …. vote kiya to haath kaat lenge: http://in.reuters.com/article/domesticNews/idINB35742620090408
    I so miss India ………. haha

    Just Curious: Is the author of this article not allowed to comment :-p

  9. bhaiya i gave my form 6 n 8a for signatures
    i ll also vote

  10. jgd bhaiya,
    i have seen two videos out of three in ur blog,tht what Dr.Subramanium Swamy is speaking
    ,i agree with u that we should vote for change as the present goverment has not done anything great our country would be much better if the goverment would be of some another party,we can comment on their work what they did and what they dint
    but what i think is just bcoz sonia gandhi is not of indian origin,she has some other name on her passport n his father was in jail at the time of her birth it doesnt make any diffrence, what we have to do abt that………as the man who is speaking abt all this is also a politician from the diffrent party we dont know wht he has done in his life………………………………….and also another video abt rahul gandhi,abt his education,religion n name there r i dont know how many of political leaders in our country who r completly not lliterate but still they r doing good (ex.gyani zail singh),………………………………..
    i just want that indians should vote not only for the issues like religion,caste but they should think and vote for issues like devlopment ,education,technological upliftment and most imp which include all BETTERMENT OF OUR COUNTRY INDIA its our motherland it should not go in wrong hands for nxt FIVE YEARS so pls do vote for best……..

  11. why can’t art of living as an organization step into politics….
    >if we r thinking so much abt the chnage
    >if we r hvin the urge to do smthin fr the country
    thn why cn’t we..??

  12. I do not get reason enough in this blog to vote against Congress, because under no circumstances Congress is Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi etc, or vice versa. So whether Rahul is a fraud or not does not concern me.
    And I know about these conversions that these Christian missionaries do, including Mother Teresa and her organization, but there are 2 points about this. Firstly, there is again in no way i see any relation of this with INC. i have the feeling that this is the strategy being used by pro-BJPs to counter attack on being accused of being partial to Hinduism. Secondly, regarding the conversion part, yeah, in a sense I too dislike the idea that people are being converted to Christianity, but at the same time, we must also note that they are living better off than people who follow other religions. So why won’t they convert themselves? I would say it is the fault of other religions for lacking ardent followers who would show similar ‘patriotism’ to their religion. Here is where the Art Of Living organization has to decide whether they would return the similar favour to Hinduism because I feel they are in a position to do so. But I believe this was a decision that has been taken long ago.

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