5 ways to rid yourself from the past – Guruji

Q. How does one get rid of unpleasant memories and limitations?

1. Know the impermanent nature of the world and events.

2. Know the non-existence of past events right now and accept them.

3. Be dispassionate and centered. Memories of Self are gained by service to the noble.

4. Increase prana – So Ham! So what!!

5. Have Divine company / presence.

And here is a very good quote I read somewhere “”Thinking does not empty yesterday of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.”


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  1. bhaiya plz explain them in detail

  2. Super !!!!!!

  3. Jgd Bhaiya
    The quote is really a nice one, I think it is for me!

  4. Awesome Quote. Only Guruji can put up so difficult things in such simple words, its really amazing.

  5. enlightening :)!!

  6. I needed this the most at this moment of turmoil.

  7. Beautiful quote!! Thanx

  8. very nice quote!!!

  9. Jgd bhaiya, a little more explanation will help..:)

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