Love in a Lettuce

These were rolled out after the melodic verses of the Guru Puja invoking ethereal beauty at Sneha’s house and I rolled in three of them in no time, while I wow’ed at them, I vowed to share it with all of you.

6 leaves of lettuce

1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

3 tbsp of Plum sauce (Available at all major stores)

1 tbsp of schezwan sauce

100 gms of steamed corn

Remove layers of this daisy plant(lettuce) one by one and keep them aside. Chop the peppers finely, toss in the corn, add salt and pepper to taste. (If you like corn, add more, I love my peppers so I kept it passionately peppery). Cushion in a table spoon of these veggies into the center of the lettuce leaf, add a teaspoon of plum sauce and ¼ spoon of schezwan sauce. The plum gives it a tangy taste and the schewan puts it on fire, so do some permutations and combinations before you settle for that correct equation.

Seal with a toothpick, unseal the senses and dig into these love lettuces.

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  1. A very good recipe for the calorie conscious because it is filling too.

  2. jai guru dev bhaiya

    i am swati bohra from delhi, i am doing my graduation from delhi university n also working with a media group liveoncampus.com . I did my yes+ in feburay with roopla di n saleel bhaiya and since then my life had a complete turn. all the miracles, all the blessing, every thing….. its like i m getting every thing i want…. some times without even asking… without even carving or thinking!! he is taking care of me like anything!! I have my guru… sudhanshu ji maharaj.. n since his presence in my life… i have never looked back…. its always been a growth!! then doing yes+, sudharshan kriya… awesome .. never even thought of looking back again.things have changed only for the better, i was like so much… weird..i now also weird …. but… its now the other way round!!

    with gurujis presence …. every thing is superb!!

    Rajiv ranjan bhaiya… told me to mail n be in contact with you..i also visited the blog…. felt even more connected!! jgd!!

    bhaiya i have done only yes + crse… and nw in delhi , north delhi….there is 200 yes + n i have been made the co-ordinater for that crse! i have no experince in this ….. it is some thing very new bhaiya!!!

    i m somewhat confused… yet confident.. surrendered…. jgd!

    through gurus grace… i have been regular with my kriya till date….. i n i hope that i can… till i survive on this planet!!!

    bhaiya please help me n suggest all the possible things that i need to improve with my seva , kriya n attitude towards thing in life!!!

    JAI GURU DEV bhaiya!!
    love n regards!

  3. 🙂

    Meko b khana hai

  4. waiting for a new post

  5. throw in a few slices of pineapples with the veggies… another heavenly taste 🙂

  6. Jai Gurudev!
    Wow 🙂 Sounds interesting! Please write more posts and also increase the length of your posts 🙂

    You are such a talented writer, and its not justified that you write so less 🙂 More knowledge, and more Guru stories is what i am looking for 🙂

    And also it would be great if you can write more simple recipes like this 🙂

    Once again super blog!

  7. i swearrrrrrr!!!!! bhaiya…it looks mouth watering!!!!!

  8. dear bhaiya
    pakistan n china building their military forces
    m scared
    many times i have had a dream of nuclear attack.
    what should we do?
    m scared

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