The healthier choice

The healthier choice


Pumpkin though our Halloween symbol turns out to be one of the very healthy choices in veggies. “A low-calorie vegetable that provides nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals, pumpkin can help keep your digestive system regular and your other organ systems healthy. It also produces nutritious seeds that are tasty snacks and contain an oil with additional health benefits.”

In a pan, add some 3 tbsp of peanuts, keep on low setting and let it roast for 5 minutes. Now cut the pumpkin( I took half kilo) in good chunks and add it with the peanuts. Dice 2 Roma tomatoes and add them in the pan. Add some salt ,pepper and 1 tsp curry powder. Last add 1/4 th cup milk and cover the pan for 20 mins mixing the mixture from time to time. If the pumpkin is soft, it’s ready. A total healthy meal. Serve with rice or with some toasted bread.

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