AAnyong from Korea

My introduction to Seoul had only been through their Hyundai motorcars and the movie ‘Sassy Girl”. The production house of South Korea has integrated the ancient with the modern. An amalgamation which very few countries in the world can boast of ! Seoul(said Soul) has 40% of the Korean population and Samsung contributes 25% to their GDP. In the house at Suwon where I am staying with a beautiful Indian couple, we have Samsung TV’s, Samsung heaters, Samsung Washing Machine, Samsung recorders/players, Samsung telephones, yes Samsung is omnipresent and omnipotent.

I visited a University, where the environment was very Koreashh. I turned out to be a total angutha-chaap there. The atmosphere was friendly and informal. The Koreans are shy, refined and imaginative people. Of what I have seen till now, there are no octopussy legs on their forehead, just some occasional grumblings in their nature. They can swim in ‘madira’ and drown in smoke.

The khana-peena scene as expected in this part of the world is increasingly onerous. But the twist in tale occurred when I visited a Korean vegan restaurant and the tastes that were derived out of pumpkin, Korean sweet potato, and mock meat were proof to their passion and proclivity to food. The restaurant hosts a svayamvar of vegetarian food, marrying the exquisite with the exceptional. The final succulent taste of their root tea made a delicate balance to the weighing scale of my stomach.

The Cinematographer of Cosmos arrives here on 12th October. I have scheduled my first course on 2nd Oct, taking the satyagraha movement to South Korea. Need your blessings and wishes 🙂 Will post more about what I do and more, later, till then hello nd JaiGurudev from South Korea.

ps:- I haven’t taken any pictures, yes I do have a new camera, so am not attaching any with this post also.

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  1. Sirjee …. hang in there for sometime … I’ll see you there soon 🙂

  2. Dada we now have 3 new Yes+ teachers in korea. One of them is a prof. in the University their.Plz get n touch with them. jgd

  3. bhaiyaa..photo post karo plss…isi bahane korea dhekne milega India baithe baithe…. 🙂 lol…


  4. Cinematographer of Cosmos – What a slang! Very well described.

    Missing u.

  5. You remind me of so long ago when i had been to seoul and had come to know that it is actually soul ,and got to know what are fake Guccis and what is Hodori?S.Korea used to be a good manufacturer of shoes and I had visited samsung’s premises not much known at that time,and perhaps the same vegan restaurant which you are mentioning catering to some cult of christians and when enquired about milk told that they have only soyamilk because cow milk is nonvegetarian,and Igot my fundamentals corrected.Language was also a great problem communicating by gesticulating with abroad smile,hope you are luckier and they understand what you are trying to say or you may have to resort to sign language all the best:) and cheers!!

  6. jgd bhiya…
    i m waiting to see big big smiles of korean through
    your SLR….

  7. An nyoung bhaiya

    ur first international course..dats cool!!
    bst lck…:)

    i wish if we cld hv tlkd a li’l more 2day…:(

    missn u

  8. I think you have portrayed it all very beautifully 🙂
    May your mission here be a hit !

  9. Hello !

    I fail to understand the title -AAnyong from Korea?


  10. Jai Gurudev bhaiya…

    Yesterday u told us the ‘SWABHIMAAN’ of koreans which gave me strength to be on our values and traditions no matter what happens…

    Such a beautiful post and mindblowing english 😀

    You are a sea of knowledge bhaiya…

    This is your first international course…Best luck bhaiya…you will surely rock as u always do…

    Luv u bhaiya…missing u n ur ‘PITAI’ 🙂

    Yours Vishu 🙂



    ALL THE VERY BEST, I KNOW U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE GOING 2 ROCK.

  12. yahh…ekdum sahi ja rahe ho…this piece ws a treat….
    god bless you!

  13. Jai Gurudev Bhaiya

    Its very nice to see your Q n A session here………………All the answer are simply amazing.

    I loved to read it.

    Jai gurudev
    Love you bhaiya.

  14. All the good luck in the world to you 🙂
    And the Cinematographer of Cosmos was indeed an apt description for Him!

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