The Joys of Fiji

The past few days passed away with me eyeing the ocean, soaking my feet into it or sitting on a rock extending into the ocean giving a new meaning to the word alone, yet not indulging into it. And today after the wet knowledge session I had to immerse myself into the ocean, it was all decided and planned. Even though we were late and the bright morning sun shamelessly glazed at us, we had made up our minds.

The beach resort which slopes into the sea is a breathtakingly beautiful island and the white sand and blue see through waters were an invite no one could have resisted. I was all dressed for it. Ramit, Rambha, Praveena wanted this to happen today for me as I kept telling them to take me somewhere other than work (which I have yet not started) 🙂

The ocean just goes. For me it starts from here where I am and ends at the horizon, but I know it is a part of a much bigger plan. It is huge, gigantic, calm and sincere as of now. But it can take shades of rage and rile and create a texture of destruction on its horizon. Like the Guru it knows how to draw faith in the human if not with love then surely with the shades of love.

I enter, and it feels great. There are few people but otherwise it is a very personal island and the few people also leave and it is left secluded for us. The touch and taste of the blue clear, still, warm ocean water screams messages of excitement within me. I swim, swim and taste the salty water. And yes no sharks swam past me, or ate someone up as you are hoping to read 🙂 The morning day closed with a nice swim and an intro talk with some ladies here while I wait for my first Yes+ talk here later in the day. I have discovered the joys of Fiji – The massive blue Ocean.

PS:- The first pic is from the aircraft when the night in no time had turned into day. And the last pic if seen clearly you will be able to see the fishes fearlessly swimming.

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  1. Good Good Enjoy kara…..

  2. Most of the pics in this blog are blue in color. I would share one funny change in my thought process….. Before entering the AOL, I used to think that pink is the color of females and blue is that of males. After entering the AOL, I realize that instead of associating the colors with genders, I can think of it like blue is for vastness(sky is vast, ocean is vast) and pink is for love…..perhaps that is why Vishalaxi Mantapam is so much pinki pinki…..hahahahaha

  3. ……so finally a breath oif relief after the korea experince……hope you to have some extended sessions of meaditations on these secluded beaches…and hope me too getting a chance tomjoin u soon…..:)

  4. Rajesh bhaiya…i must say… i really want to live life like you do.

    I too want to feel every moment, but right now i m in a rat race(you can say), and i wanna win it. I wont come back to you until i win it…so bhaiya just wait, i will definitely come to your way !!

    And, by the way, keep blogging !!!

    Jai Gurudev.

  5. Jgd Bhaiya, its cool to be there in fiji …..

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