It’s NOT ok

While browsing through old mail, I re-read this knowledge sheet and the simplicity with which Guruji projects such complicated causal effects left me in complete awe, yet again.

So am sharing this Knowledge sheet with all of you. I suggest to do the homework of seeing how many times, the thoughts of ‘It is Not ok’ pound our mind and how many times we chew on them.

thumbs_down-4-300x300Most of us come into this world with the seed in us, “It’s not OK”. And all our life we try to correct events, people and situations. How much can you correct? It’s like trying to rearrange the clouds in the sky. This seed does not allow you to be happy, to smile from your heart, to be loving and loveable. It’s there all the time like a thorn – irritating, irritating.
This seed, “It’s not OK,” brings you back into this world again and again. How do you burn this seed?
First recognize that it is there. This can happen in deep introspection and meditation.
Sometimes you feel your body, mind, intellect, memory and ego are also not OK. You justify them or find fault with them. These are also part of the world.Acknowledge what you see as an imperfection and offer it to the Divine.
Have faith in the infinite organizing power of the Supreme Intelligence and have the sincere feeling, “Let thy will be done.” Then the seed, “It’s not OK,” gets burned. “Thy will be done” is a state of total contentment, a state of just love.
We need not even make it a statement about the future. “Thy will alone is happening now.”
Question:So everything happening is God’s will?
Guruji:Yes, including the thought, “This shouldn’t be happening.”

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